Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation is headquartered at Zikomo Safari


  • In order for anti-poaching to succeed, there must be employment locally available.

  • The people in the community must have the skills to qualify for employment. 

  • Employed wage earners do not need to poach.

  • There is no going forward to a permanent end to poaching without this economic component.


Ranger training

We are in the process of building a team of well-equipped Wildlife Conservation Rangers. These rangers will patrol and secure the Nsefu Sector from wildlife poaching. Three rangers are currently on staff, and barracks to house more have just been completed. We have the support of the Zambian Wildlife Authority, the Community Resource Board, and Senior Chief Nsefu.

Rangers look for poachers and evidence of their locations (camps, bullets, and tracks), catalog animal sightings, look for injured animals (often caught in snares or shot), rescue orphaned animals, and find and remove hunting snares.

Their job is crucial to saving wildlife. Good equipment helps them do the best possible job.  Supporting rangers make a huge difference in saving animals directly.


bee keeping

As the population of bees decrease all over the world, we are fortunate in Zambia that we have healthy bees. We are starting a bee keeping operation. It will produce honey and hive products that will be sold locally and internationally.  A company in Holland is interested in buying as much honey as we can produce.

Bee hives keep elephants out of villagers’ crops that proved successful. Using bee hives for this purpose does two things; 1) keeps relationships between the villagers and elephants good, as there will be no crop destruction and 2) gives each person who employs this method income from honey.

We will start with a few hives and train local women and men to work in this operation. We will teach them how to have their own hives so they can be self-reliant.  We will incorporate the methods used for crop protection and for the easiest harvesting of honey.  This operation will expand by adding new hives until we determine the sustainable amount.


Chabwela School has a small hut for an office and three simple huts for classrooms, twenty (20) students per hut. There is an administrator, Moreen, an assistant, Brighton, two female teachers and two male teachers. The school staff are lovely people with big hearts.

NWCF will help fund the children's tuition, build classrooms with desks and blackboards and build a better office.


Zambia is the most heavily deforested country in Africa.

Trees produce oxygen, provide pollen for bees, safeguard the soil, prevent erosion, provide the shade that lowers summer temperatures and they house the bird population.  They are amazingly beautiful to see. We work with local organizations to increase the number of indigenous trees.


There are three lagoons in Nsefu Sector. We plan on dredging, seeding and netting these lagoons until our fish seedlings reach maturity. We will employ local people to do these tasks and monitor the lagoons against illegal fishing. When the seedlings do reach maturity we will provide fish to the village and sell the remaining catch to local lodges, and stores.

Textile Production

We will purchase treadle sewing machines at first and train local women to sew women’s safari clothes. We will expand into children’s clothes and then men’s and sell the clothing to lodges, and online.

When this project reaches maturity we will switch to solar panels supporting electric machines and have a large building with a retail store in the front.

Treadle machines $250-$300 each (need 4 to start)
material, scissors, thread, needles etc $1000
Paying the instructor to teach them how to sew and run the project $500 per month
Should require at least 1 to 2 months to get the women trained and we can review this.


Nsefu village is one of the poorer villages in eastern Zambia and economic empowerment projects benefit the community. NWCF is working with church and corporate groups who want to produce community outreach programs for Nsefu village’s school and clinic. We are contacting churches that are actively looking for projects forits members; NWCF can provide worthwhile projects in the Nsefu Sector.