Nsefu.org's Co-Founder, Coe Lewis, visits Zambia!

The wonderful teachers and children put on a wonderful "welcome" show for Nsefu Wildlife Cofounder Coe Lewis and the Nsefu Wildlife-Zambia Board members in celebration of the official opening of Chabwela School.

At the end of the exciting festivities, a beautiful letter was read aloud thanking Nsefu Wildlife and Zikomo Safari Camp for building a new school for the children and thanked the team for their tireless work protecting their wildlife for generations to come. It was acknowledged that the only organizations in the region helping the community and wildlife at large were Nsefu Wildlife partnering with Zikomo Safari. The community was grateful for the generosity of our supporters and donors and we very excited about the future.

Read the full letter --->

Nsefu Wildlife would like to thank Warren Sanders of TVCUC for their most generous donation of laptop computers and tablets for our school children and teachers.  Everyone at the school was joyous over their new technology! And thank you to Pandora Vreeland for her much appreciated efforts in securing these wonderful donations. What was to be a school built for 60 children has grown to 176 is mere months!!! Team Nsefu and Chabwela School are on the move!  To support our school education project...go to nsefu.org/eduation-program/

Our highly anticipated Beekeeping Program is underway!  Nsefu Wildlife-Zambia Board Member Ephraim Thomson is pictured here in his brand new beekeeping suit!  Volunteer Andre Gascoigne is helping our team build and establish beehives for the community to provide income for families, job training, and help provide a natural wildlife / human barrier to prevent crop damage and more. BeeSweet has helped provide us with hives and will be buying all the honey produced by Nsefu hives!  This is such an exciting time for all involved and we thank our Nsefu Wildlife partners at BeeSweet, Erin Michelotti and Evan Sonenberg and volunteer extraordinaire Andre Gascoigne!