Supporting a School

Key to the success of the Foundation's wildlife and environmental protection
initiative is the development of a positive and sustainable interface with the Nsefu
Sector community. Youth education and community outreach are the means by which
residents can be taught to support anti-poaching efforts.

The Nsefu Sector is very large and very poor. The Zikomo Safari Lodge is the principal source of financial support for the Chabwella school. The school has 60 students, two teachers and one administrator.

The safari lodge collects $3.00 per diem from each lodge guest to fund
the existing school program. The local Chief has asked the lodge to provide a new
school facility. While the initial capital construction request was $65,000 for three
classrooms and support space, the Lodge could only generate $5,000 to build one
new small classroom, with hopes to add on in the future.

The lodge has also provided $100.00 a month for each of the three teachers, or
$3,600/year. The per diem cost for each child is$10.00 per term. There are three terms
per year, so the annual cost is $1,800 ($10.00 X 3 terms X 60 students). The total
annual school operating cost is then $7,200.