2017 Portraits of Zambia Calendar - Proceeds support Nsefu Wildlife

Our new 2017 Portraits of Zambia calendar is a celebration of South Luangwa's wildlife. All photos were taken at and around Zikomo Safari Camp in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. All proceeds go to Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation (NWCF), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poaching and funding community projects to retrain local villagers in alternative means of employment. 

Photos were taken by Faith M. Walker. To purchase these or other photos, please visit www.walkerspawtery.com.

To purchase the 2017 Portraits of Zambia calendar, please email Coe Lewis at Coe@Nsefuwildlife.com.  She will take your order and mail to you.  *The price includes the mailing cost.

*Price: $25 (U.S.)

Take a look at the beautiful photos in our calendar.  Let each image inspire you to help us protect the amazing wildlife in Zambia.