Sewing saves wildlife. How? By providing an income alternative to farming and poaching.

Textile manufacture has a long tradition in the South Luangwa Valley. By starting sewing classes in the local village, we are enabling villagers to design, construct, and sell garments and fabric goods to visiting tourists and in the local textile market.

The village will then have a major source of income besides farming (which competes for wildlife habitat) and poaching.

What we can accomplish with your help:

1. Finish building the sewing school in Nsefu Village. Most recently the land has been acquired with the local chief's approval.

  • Building expenses: $2500

2. Purchase treadle sewing machines (sustainable and constant energy source) and retain a sewing teacher.

  • Sewing machine: $250

  • Treadle sewing machine (4 needed to start): $250 — $300

  • month of a sewing teacher's service (1 — 2 months needed): $500

3. Purchase materials for the manufacture of clothes (local designs as well as safari gear)

  • Material, thread, needles, misc. supplies: $1000