Laptops & Tablets for the Chabwera School


To say we are proud would be the understatement of the century! Here are our Nsefu Wildlife Board members in Zambia with our school teachers receiving all the wonderful donations of computers and tablets. It is such a big deal they had speeches from the Principal and the children read a conservation speech! YOUR donations truly impact lives. We take things for granted here in the US, but they have little and these things make them so excited. So much so.... they threw an EVENT for these items. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED...and we can always use more. No one will appreciate it more than the lovely people of Nsefu. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US AT TEAM NSEFU!

Special thank you to our wonderful friends Tellico Village Computer Users Club and Ben Protas and Danny Donnelly of Five Star Communications for your treasured support!