Your Nsefu Wildlife Rangers are getting the Job Done!


Your Nsefu Wildlife Rangers are getting the job done in our game management area in the Nsefu Sector! Fresh from meetings with Rangers, Chief Nsefu, scouts, and those in the safari industry, without a doubt...our ranger team has DECREASED the number of incidents of poaching in the sector since our inception! Yes, we have done well, but there is still much to do. We are working hard to find consistent funding to expand our ranger team and equip them with all they need to be efficient, effective, and safe on patrols. We have been 100% donor based our entire existence and we need to get to the next level in being even more effective against poaching and black market crimes.

Items we always need are as such...

•Two (2) new 4WD vehicles (Terrain in Zambia is BRUTAL).
•Funding for vehicle maintenance i.e. tires, engine work. 
•Small and large base radios and handheld radios.
•Fuel allowance.
•Camping gear for long patrols - 2-man tents, cooking items, flashlights, water containers and an abundant supply food to stay embedded in their surveillance work.
•Uniforms, boots, hats, utility belts and etc.
•Funds for village scouts doing intel work.

2018 has been a busy year in arrests, convictions and data gathering. 2017 saw 50 poacher arrests and as of 2018, we have 20 arrests on the books with 12 prison sentences and 8 pending in court. Some arrests have been MAJOR but we are not at liberty to disclose these just yet as they are in the court system currently.

Again, imagine what your foundation could do if we were able to secure excellent and consistent funding? You would be very happy to hear that your donations and what they have achieved is amazing everyone in Zambia and others in the conservation industry. No one will make your hard-earned donation work harder or go further.

We have 8 years at the outset to stop extinction for many of Africa's majestic animals and we cannot do this alone. Join Team Nsefu and SEE the change you are creating on the ground and in the minds of Zambians. It takes all of us to save elephants, lions, giraffes and more. The time is now to take join the team!