Update from the field - August 2017

Hi All,

I hope you are fine and doing great.  Thank you all for the support you are giving the Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation (NWCF) ranger team.   The NWCF rangers were able to complete two long patrols in August. 

The first patrol was from August 5th to 14th.  The rangers operated along the Luangwa River which runs between the Game Management Area and the National Park.  Many people pretending to be fishermen were discovered along the river.  These people were actually poaching or helping poachers to cross into the National Park to kill our animals.  The rangers removed people from the river area.

The second patrol was from August 17th to 26th.  The rangers moved to another part of the National Park.  Here, eight snares were removed and four people were arrested. 

This year we have seen more elephants around the camps and lodges.  This indicates the elephants feel comfortable.  Unfortunately, sometimes they move towards the village where they are more difficult to protect.  We are doing our best to protect the wildlife.  We hope to be able to add more rangers to our team so we can do a better job.

Regards, Charles Silomba

* This report from C.Shimbola was edited by Tony Hunstiger.