Ranger Report - September 2017

Hi All,

I hope you are fine.  I wanted to let you know we had two patrols recently. One from 08/30/17 to 09/09/17 and another from 09/04/17 to 09/12/17.

During the first patrol, the rangers removed seven snares. They recovered three rifles. The rifles were dropped by poachers in the Nyonyo area as
the rangers tracked the poachers.

The second patrol, in the Chipako area resulted in the seizure of three firearms and of elephant meat.

I must quickly mention the progress that has been made. Most of the big elephant killers and the ivory dealer in the area have been arrested. One of the elephant killers died while in the hands of the Zambia Wildlife Investigation Officers and his partner, who remains in prison, is not well. The community did not receive the news of the poacher’s death well.

Regards.  Thank You.  God Bless You.

Charles Silomba
Anti-Poaching Manager
Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation
Nsefu Sector
South Luangwa National Park
Mfuwe, Zambia