Nsefu Rangers are getting the Job Done!

June and July have been extremely busy for the rangers at Nsefu Wildlife
and we are extremely proud to share some excellent news with you.

We have been working independently as well as working closely with National Parks and Wildlife (Zambia's Dept.for all things wildlife related) and we are happy to report that in a 30 day period...29 people were arrested and charged and ALL taken to court for prosecution! These numbers are staggering for a modest foundation. Everyone, including Zambian officials in the area,are extremely pleased with Nsefu Wildlife's vision for conservation, our effectiveness, efficiency, focus, and ability to achieve results. Below are the June/July numbers as they stand -

  • 29 poachers arrested, charged and taken to court.
  • 4 cases still pending.
  • 20 sentenced to prison.
  • 5 individuals fined.
  • 2 weapons confiscated.
  • 1 pair of elephant tusks confiscated along with 4 hippo teeth, 100kg buffalo meat, elephant trunk, and elephant tail...all illegally obtained.
  • 4 illegal fishing nets confiscated.
  • 5 bikes and 5 axes(Poachers currently work in teams on bicycles and utilize three swift stages when operating. One poacher comes in and shoots or injures animal, second comes in to extract ivory, horn, teeth etc. via axe, and the third poacher in the operation comes in to remove potential evidence).

Nsefu Wildlife and National Parks and Wildlife have an excellent track
record of prosecutions of poachers with several individuals serving
serious prison time, including some cases with hard labor. Furthermore,
individuals also have had fines levied, weapons have been confiscated,
poaching dens have been disassembled and the community has been served
notice that there will be repercussions for illegal activity in the

Again, we are a 100% donor-based nonprofit conservation foundation getting
excellent results in the field and in the community. This would not be
possible without the support of our donors and we are grateful for the
opportunity to carry on this noble cause in the name of wildlife
protection. 100% of funds raised go directly into our ranger and community
programs and we are creating change from the ground up.  The ranger
program is always in need of new equipment, i.e. flashlights, Kevlar,
uniforms, camping gear, and more. Let us know how YOU would like your
donation utilized and we will make sure that request is honored.

Thank you again in your support and here is to a highly successful
remainder of 2017 saving animals.