Hunted down! Dramatic moment a notorious gang of ivory poachers are caught in an undercover sting in Zambia!

So proud of our Nsefu Wildlife compatriots at IFAW doing a KICK ASS job in Zambia. Look at these cowards who have BUTCHERED God knows how many animals including this beautiful 40 year old elephant bull... for his tusks. And you know what? One of them cried for "his mommy" when he got arrested. SUCH SCUMBAGS!!! These arrogant bastards thought they were so cool being poachers and bragged about their accomplishments...and then they got caught in a fantastic operation. Yeah, NOW WHO IS SO COOL? Crybabies. Imagine the baby animals who saw their mothers or family members butchered in front of them and were left to die of grief, trauma, predators, starvation, or thirst. BASTARDS ARE GOING DOWN!!!! Well done IFAW!! Buh bye poachers!!!!!!!!!!

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