Ranger Report #2 - October 2017

Hi all,

As l reported in my last email that it was not easy to operate after the death of that poacher and the chiefs coming to interfere with operations,

I can report that we lost a number of animals, during this last operations we learnt that 3 elephants where killed ,

However things are back to normal and operations are going on well 

On 12th October,2017 l deployed 2 patrol teams one up mwangazi and the other one at kauluzi camp to be operate toward nyonyo camp

Then we deployed other 2 patrol teams on one at miliyoti camp toward garden area and the other one at mwangazi conservnce that between kauluzi camp and Jumbe 

We have covered the big part of the area,l will be giving a full and final report on these patrols on the 24th October,2017 because l will be deploying and withdrawing by then l will have a full report of what happened on patrols though l have seen 23 snares and a piece of ivory that l will report in my next mail.

Regards Thank you

God bless  You
Silomba Charles
Anti Poaching Manager
Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation
Nsefu Sector
south Luangwa National Park