Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation (Nsefu.org) is founded on principles of compassion, action and results. 

Nsefu.org is committed to preserve and protect wildlife and to economically empower the local people.

Our Mission

  • Providing the means for protecting, preserving and safeguarding endangered species.  The organization also plans programs for the self-sustaining of communities outside of (as an alternative to) participating in the blood money derived from poaching wildlife for sale on the black market.
  •  Working with our sister organization in Zambia to achieve its goals:

                            o   Conservation of Wildlife / Anti-Poaching Unit

o   Environmentalism

o   Impart Skills in the Youth

o   Women Empowerment

o   Protect the Youth Against Social Vices

o   Advocate Against Gender Based Violence

o   Identify Bodies Both Local and Abroad that can Sponsor the Talented Youths

We turn donations into action with principled strategies to protect and sustain wildlife in tandem with educational efforts to empower the local community.
— Our Vision

Nsefu.org facts:

  • Implements anti-poaching initiatives for the purposes of stabilizing local communities. We are a lean and focused foundation with a main objective of "putting poachers out of business." We do this by providing education and resources for local people to teach sustainable livelihoods so no one has to resort to poaching.
  • Endeavors to work with local authorities and park rangers to combat poaching activities and protect vulnerable areas.  We aid in the prosecution of poachers.
  • Is based in the Nsefu Sector of the South Luangwa Valley in Eastern Zambia with an office in San Diego, California, USA.  
  • Strives to educate the local citizens on the benefits of protecting their natural resources, enlist their help in wildlife law enforcement, and establish income-generating trades from which they are able to support their families and villages. 
  • Is transparent in our activities.
  • Endeavors to aid authorities in the acquisition of resources required to help rangers combat poaching.  Every day we patrol, snare-sweep, provide medical attention to vulnerable animals, and protect animals from poaching.