Building a Team

The backbone of the Foundation's anti-poaching program are the wildlife conservation Rangers. Ten Rangers have been hired, trained and equipped (with one 4WD vehicle), and a office/barracks facility has been constructed with existing resources.
(from the $5.00 per diem conservation levy of Safari Lodge guests) The current annual operating budget is $20,000.

Ranger duties/responsibilities include:

  • Locating and apprehending poachers.
  • Recovering injured and orphaned wildlife.
  • Locating and removing snares and traps.
  • Deterring poachers with their presence.
  • Coordinating field operations with other Zambian enforcement authorities.
  • Eliciting intelligence information from the local communities.

2017/2018 Ranger Program expansion budget:

  • Add four additional Rangers and one office secretary - $23,220.
  • Purchase one additional 4WD vehicle - $45,000.
  • Purchase one boat, critical to rainy season operations - $3,000.
  • Total Annual 2017/2018 Budget Need - $71,220.