NWCF is dedicated to the protection and preservation of imperiled species in Southern Africa.

 Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation (NWCF) was organized in California as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in early 2015. A San Diego based couple opened Zikomo Safari, an Eco Hotel located in the Zambian bush,  in 2014. They decided action needed to be taken to actively reduce both wildlife crime and local poverty in the game rich Nsefu Sector surrounding Zikomo Safari

The result of Victory and David Wallace's commitment to the people and environment of Nsefu was a collaboration that began to stop the killing of the last African wildlife in the area and to help the Nsefu people rise above poverty.

NWCF reduces wildlife crime and local poverty using direct and indirect methods.  Direct enforcement in the field and indirect educational interventions creates a partnership with a common goal.  Working together in tandem, these two methods create a sustainable future for both the people and the animals of the Nsefu Sector.

  • Our rangers are the boots on the ground working directly to stop poachers in their tracks.
    • Our Wildlife Conservation Rangers monitor the Nsefu Sector using high tech anti-poaching operations.   
  • Our educational initiatives indirectly decrease poaching.
    • Educational initiatives in the local villages teach people the value of supporting their environment and show them alternate ways to produce income.


NWCF is proud to work with Global March for Elephants & Rhinos. 

Join Nsefu Wildlife in Honolulu on Saturday Sept. 24th and in

San Diego on Sunday Sept. 25th. 

We are joining the fight to save the lives of these endangered species on the brink of extinction. Take a stand, speak up, make your posters & banners, and walk with us to bring awareness in the plight of elephants and rhinos. Learn about how YOU can help stop the killing.

Letter from coe Lewis, September 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

This is really the last letter I want to write, only because I can
barely process the news myself. CNN had breaking news yesterday (8/31/16)
about the results we were fearing from the Great Elephant Census conducted
over a couple of years time span in Africa. This basically was an effort
to get a total picture of the number of elephants remaining in Africa and
gather information on particular zones and areas either stabilizing,
improving, or declining. We knew that poachers were literally and
figuratively gutting this species, along with rhinos...but absolutely no
one was ready for how catastrophic the numbers would be. From the numbers
of over 10 million elephants in the 1970's...we have only 352,000

Yes, you read that right...352,000. That's all. We are now
officially in the zone of extinction HAPPENING...not "maybe going to
HAPPEN". Our generation will be branded with the loss of these animals
that have walked earth for millions of years. At the loss of 100 elephants
per day and the gestation period of an elephant being two years for a
baby...this spells disaster. Poachers are becoming more vicious, more
greedy, more industrious and this only means a catastrophe of epic

So where do we go from here? NOW is the time to write your officials,
write officials in other governments, sign petitions, share information,
INFORM people of the catastrophe at hand and DO SOMETHING.  These animals
aren't Africa's animals...they belong to the world, they belong to you,
your children, and your children's children. But right now, they won't be
here in 6 to 8 years and that is a fact.

Our foundation is a lean, mean, fast-moving conservation machine. We have
strategies, we have the people and we have the technology to CHANGE
things. But this cannot happen unless we get funding. You have people who
work 7 days a week on this crisis. We discuss ideas with other
forward-thinking people and companies who don't want the dust to settle on
their feet. Like us, they want results NOW. We do not have time anymore.


Nsefu Wildlife is going after the poaching crisis from every angle to make
sure we get it under control and KEEP it under control. How can you help?
You can help us hire more trained rangers and equip them to do their jobs
quickly and efficiently. These rangers are the ONLY paid staff in Nsefu
Wildlife. On our board, we are incredibly fortunate to have the TOP
Wildlife Crime Expert in the world, Dr. Thomas Snitch. He has an arsenal
of experience, knowledge and equipment that can be shared on a vast
platform if we can make it happen. We are based in South Luangwa in the
Nsefu sector of Zambia.  This area is known as "The Valley of the
Elephants" and we are one of the last bastions of hope for these animals.
It is our hope to stabilize this region to a point where we can provide a
safe and secure haven for these animals both from the area and from other
areas deemed unsafe.

We are not one of those big charities with deep pockets. Nsefu Wildlife is
relatively new, but we have moved at light speed to execute our plan and
in 19 months have made huge inroads in the region on a shoestring budget.
You may choose to save these animals in one of many ways, or in all ways.
You may choose to donate to a group you believe in, you may choose to
share the news and inform the public, you may choose to create campaigns
and petitions to get signatures to influence political decisions, or you
may volunteer to help others.

All we ask is that you do SOMETHING.  Maybe you can start by joining Nsefu Wildlife and The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos on Saturday, Sept. 24th in Honolulu, HI or Sunday, Sept. 25th
in San Diego, CA. Join one of hundreds of cities worldwide standing up for
these giants and saying to the world, "Their extinction will NOT happen on
my watch". Maybe you have an excellent fundraising idea.  We would love to
hear about it and make it happen. Maybe you work for a company with
something that could help us in the fight. Whatever it is and whatever it
takes, we are ready to do it...and we hope you are there shoulder to
shoulder with us.

We would appreciate you taking a look at our website, www.NSEFU.org, or
checking out our Facebook page @Nsefu Wildlife.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you are inspired to be their
voice. Some people choose to roll over and do nothing, and some people are
inspired to be world-changing. We strive to be the latter.

On behalf of all of us at Team Nsefu...thank you. Please remember when you
go to sleep tonight, 100 elephants will have been massacred. Every single

I appreciate your time,

Coe Lewis



Thank you to everyone who supported Sipping At Sunset.  It was a big success.  Your support helps us complete construction and furnish the Wildlife Ranger headquarters.

Please watch this short video about our partner in Zambia, Zikomo Safari. 

The NWCF's HQ is on site at this Eco-Hotel in the African bush.

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