NWCF is dedicated to the protection and preservation of imperiled species in Southern Africa.

 Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation (NWCF) was organized in California as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in early 2015. A San Diego based couple opened Zikomo Safari, an Eco Hotel located in the Zambian bush,  in 2014. They decided action needed to be taken to actively reduce both wildlife crime and local poverty in the game rich Nsefu Sector surrounding Zikomo Safari

The result of Victory and David Wallace's commitment to the people and environment of Nsefu was a collaboration that began to stop the killing of the last African wildlife in the area and to help the Nsefu people rise above poverty.

NWCF reduces wildlife crime and local poverty using direct and indirect methods.  Direct enforcement in the field and indirect educational interventions creates a partnership with a common goal.  Working together in tandem, these two methods create a sustainable future for both the people and the animals of the Nsefu Sector.

  • Our rangers are the boots on the ground working directly to stop poachers in their tracks.
    • Our Wildlife Conservation Rangers monitor the Nsefu Sector using high tech anti-poaching operations.   
  • Our educational initiatives indirectly decrease poaching.
    • Educational initiatives in the local villages teach people the value of supporting their environment and show them alternate ways to produce income.


NWCF was proud to work with Global March for Elephants & Rhinos in Honolulu on Saturday Sept. 24th and in San Diego on Sunday Sept. 25th.

Letter from coe Lewis, co-Founder

hi Friends!

Our foundation Nsefu Wildlife desperately needs a boat for our rangers to do their anti-poaching work in Zambia.

We need to raise $3000 in the next few weeks before the rains come in. Vehicles cannot navigate well and poachers stalk animals who water on the river. Our rangers will have the ability to not only protect animals but arrest poachers and confiscate their equipment.

ANY amount would be greatly appreciated and you can be guaranteed that every single dollar raised will go DIRECTLY to the purchase of the boat.


THANK YOU SO MUCH ANGELS. Please share our message far and wide and I am grateful for your support. We are working REALLY HARD and we are making a difference :0) THANK YOU

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you are inspired to be their
voice. Some people choose to roll over and do nothing, and some people are
inspired to be world-changing. We strive to be the latter.

On behalf of all of us at Team Nsefu...thank you. Please remember when you
go to sleep tonight, 100 elephants will have been massacred. Every single

I appreciate your time,

Coe Lewis


Thank you to everyone who supported Sipping At Sunset.  It was a big success.  Your support helps us complete construction and furnish the Wildlife Ranger headquarters.

Please watch this short video about our partner in Zambia, Zikomo Safari. 

The NWCF's HQ is on site at this Eco-Hotel in the African bush.

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